Castle is managed by leaders in the design, construction, real estate, finance and accounting fields.  We’re real-world practitioners and we understand your needs because we’ve been on your side of the table.

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Castle employs a process called LISTEN/SOURCE/CLOSE

Once Castle is engaged, we will conduct an interview of your needs.  We listen and go beyond the traditional questions of start date and years of experience to truly understand your culture and your points of differentiation.  

From there, we will dive into our network to source the best candidates that we can.  We rely on our direct relationships and personal referrals from trusted sources to eliminate the guesswork about a candidate’s ability to perform for your organization.  

Our identified candidates are then screened and qualified based on Castle’s industry-specific knowledge and experience.  Once your organization has interviewed our screened candidates and we’ve identified a preferred candidate for hire, Castle works to close our candidate and to ensure a smooth transition from their current employment to your firm.


Because of our industry-specific knowledge, our experience as real-world practitioners and our methodology to identify and to qualify the best talent, our submit-to-hire rate is presently in excess of 90%.  

In addition, we take great pride in our end user satisfaction.  We have received recognition from our clients as easy to work with, responsive and communicative.  

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